Newborn Screening

SpOtOn’s method is very easy to adopt as it utilises the MSMS equipment and solvents used for underivatised newborn screening for inherited metabolic diseases.

The method has been validated successfully by comparing its performance to the conventional methods in 40,000 newborn dried-blood spots in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust . This study was commissioned by the NHS Sickle & Thalassaemia Programme Centre to evaluate its potential in England’s newborn screening programme. The poster, based on a more detailed report, is available to download here.

The poster concludes that “this study demonstrates that newborn hemoglobinopathy screening can be carried out rapidly, easily, and cost effectively using MSMS technology. It enables rationalisation of technology platforms in newborn screening by consolidating screening for hemoglobinopathies and inherited metabolic diseases.” The evaluation did not find any false negatives, and a false positive rate of less than 0.01%.

This evalution is now being considered by the authorising bodies in the UK, and an authorisation to use the method in newborn screening is expected shortly.

The method is now available for validation and adoption by new-born screening programmes in other countries. SpOtOn supports this new method by:

  • Offering consultancy to laboratories to assist in setting-up this method
  • Supplying reagents for the conduct of research and tests
  • Advising laboratories on equipment choice.

Contact us to find out how we could assist in setting this up in your laboratory.